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TEDxBoggyCreek: Disconnected!

September 27

It’s amazing how technology and science has created major advancements in medicine, education, job training, knowledge of the earth and so much more. We are able to communicate with people across the world as if they were right in our living rooms sitting next to us. We can perform medical procedures with robots without ever touching the patient. We can even be driven by a car without a driver.

But, for some reason we appear to be even more disconnected as human beings than ever before. True social interaction has been replaced by social media and screen time. We are disconnected from our family, disconnected from love, kindness, and true human connections. So I ask you–why are we more disconnected in a world that has created fosters phenomenal catalysts of connections? At TEDxBoggyCreek, we will hear the perspectives, ideas and knowledge of some brilliant minds and how they view this connected world.

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