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Black on Black Rhyme Tampa: The Grand Slam!

September 20

Black on Black Rhyme has been bringing you the best poetry in the Tampa Bay area since Sept 18, 2001. Make sure that you continue to support us, so that we can push the Tampa Bay Arts Community forward. April 20th we will be featuring the talents of many poets in the bay area.

Founded in 1998, Black on Black Rhyme began in the living room of writer and poet, Keith Rodgers. Initially hosted at his apartment as an open poetry reading, or “cipher” called Poetic Drive Bys, Rodgers hosted weekly audiences giving voice to students, professionals and community members from all walks of life. Today, 15 years later, Black on Black Rhyme has emerged to become one of the country’s most highly respected poetry organizations and has become an acclaimed forum for innovative poetry, music, hip hop, video, visual arts and comedy. With venues in Florida, New York and Georgia, Black on Black Rhyme continues to reach a diverse audience of poetry and spoken word lovers. Black on Black Rhyme is seeking to partner with local schools and colleges, small businesses and local media networks to implement programs which promote spoken word and cultural showcases, poetry competitions or “slams”, creative writing workshops, speech therapy and performance arts.

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